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With a great food safety plan, your business will thrive.

That's what we do here. We make food business easy by making food safety a habit. We make it easy by asking the hard questions and doing what we said we would do, every day, every time.

What would your life look like if you could go to sleep tonight knowing you did everything right?

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Our membership program is just right for new businesses. Certification classes and access to all the documentation we've ever written. Seriously. Just download it and go.  You ready? And veterans, we have a deal on this that is literally not to be believed.

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Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel

Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel, CEO of Dirigo Food Safety, is a veteran veterinarian turned business coach and food safety strategist. She’s the creator of Food Safety University, a game changing platform for simplifying the production process for small business operators. She is known in the food industry and beyond for being an innovator and master of making food safety easy.

Food Safety University and the other products Michele has created have been transformative, generating millions of dollars in revenue for her clients in just a few years. Michele is on a mission to transform local economies through profitable and sustainable food manufacturing.


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