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Food Safety University offers the fastest way to get certified, pass your audit, and grow your business, .

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Food Safety Made Simple


Food safety planning doesn't have to be a colossal pain in your backside.
When food safety becomes a habit, rather than a hassle, your business will be stronger and more profitable.

Dirigo Food Safety gives you the tools to make operating a food business easy by building excellent food safety habits.


We make it easy by asking the hard questions and doing what we said we would do, every day, every time.

Does your enterprise lack accountability? We teach you real leadership, not slogans.

Do you have ANY idea about how to write a HACCP? We teach you and then hand you templates so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Do you just have questions? We have the best 1:1 support on the planet.

Think HACCP and food safety is boring? Not here. Here we do it with cheeky ruler attitude. We make order out of chaos and get *&^ done.

You in?


Your HACCP planning needs to be done, but do you know where to start? Join us for this free webinar and learn EXACTLY what you need to do to make sure your HACCP is compliant.

This webinar is going to be jam-packed with lots of values on how you can write a HACCP plan from start to end, and grow your business passing the audits.

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Food Safety...Fast and Done

You need to pass an audit so that you can give your customers what they want: CERTIFIED safe food. But to pass that audit, you need a HACCP class, and then you need documentation, and 90 Day Validations, and internal audits, and the list goes on... Overwhelmed yet? 

I've got you. I've taken my decades of experience and brought it to you in an easy to use format.

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HACCP Plans That Simply Work

Writing a successful food safety plan can take a lot of time out of your day---not to mention the frustration and confusion that goes along with that effort. When $&@% hits the fan, it can be expensive to get HACCP wrong. 

 Our free 12 Steps of HACCP download will show you that it doesn't have to be that hard or that expensive! We can help!

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Let's get down!

I'm Michele Pfannenstiel, and I help local food businesses grow and scale.

  • Wealth comes through creating profit. Profit comes from doing the right thing, the right way, every time you do it.
  • Community comes from feeding your people. Feeding them body and soul with your food, your mission and your vision.

Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel, CEO of Dirigo Food Safety, is a veteran veterinarian turned business coach and food safety strategist. As the CEO of Dirigo Food Safety she created Food Safety University, a game-changing course to simplify food safety planning for small business operators. She is known in the food industry and beyond for being an innovator and food safety expert.

Food Safety University and the other products Michele has created have been transformative, generating millions of dollars in revenue for her clients in just a few years and serving small businesses around the country. Michele is on a mission to transform local economies through profitable and sustainable food manufacturing.

Easy, Efficient and Friendly Food Safety System So You Can Pass An Audit And Grow Your Business?

Food Safety University

You have tried a ton of things before. Random googling, free resources (probably some of mine even) and you are still not where you want to be. Let's fix that. Food Safety University is for people who are looking for DOABLE food safety. Not scary, not overwhelming. A food safety system that regular people can use. That's what I have for you. Click below. to come talk to me.

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What can you expect from Food Safety University?

Food Safety University is an all in one QA package for small food businesses.

Certification Courses For Everyone In Your Company
  1. On demand Preventive Controls for Qualified Individuals.

  2. On demand Meat and Poultry HACCP

  3. On demand Introduction to HACCP for People Who Have to Pass an Audit

Training Suite For Plant Management
  1. Introduction to Plant Management: 12 Weeks to Great Leadership

  2. Humane Handling for USDA Production

  3. Book Yourself Solid for Foodpreneurs

  4. 90 Day Validations

Documentation Suite For Programs Based Food Safety

A comprehensive set of risk management documents and Standard Operating Procedures to guide you through your audit.

Office Hours with Dirigo Food Safety Staff

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at of Dirigo Food Safety’s senior staff members will host an hour of Q&A.


If you buy the course we will include 2 free hours with your purchase.

  • During these calls we will review your audit timeline, and your current food safety planning.
  • We’ll lay out a plan and a step by step process for your success.

One Time Payment


Top features

  • Certification Courses For Everyone In Your Company - Total Value $2,100
  • Training Suite For Plant Management - Total Value $4,700
  • Documentation Suite For Programs Based Food Safety - Total Value $10,000
  • Office Hours with Dirigo Food Safety Staff - Total Value $12,000 Per Year
  • Bonus: 2 hours of free calls - Total Value $1,000
  • Total Value $30,000
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Monthly Payment Plan

Terms available

Top features

  • Certification Courses For Everyone In Your Company - Total Value $2,100
  • Training Suite For Plant Management - Total Value $4,700
  • Documentation Suite For Programs Based Food Safety - Total Value $10,000
  • Office Hours with Dirigo Food Safety Staff - Total Value $12,000 Per Year
  • Bonus: 2 hours of free calls - Total Value $1,000
  • Total Value $30,000
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Farmer, Consultant, Entrepreneur

Dr. P is an exceptional business coach, mentor and entrepreneur. She knows how to guide the client because she’s walked the path before us. She’s guided me through a business transformation and the ups and downs along with it, she’s helped me remain grounded and focused to see the work through. I’m grateful to her for her guidance. I highly recommend working with Dr. P whether it be for life coaching, food safety or transitioning your business. You will be successful.

Alicia and Jennell

Partners and Dairy Entrepreneurs

We engaged with Dirigo Food Safety to ensure compliance during a rapid growth period in our business, as well as to continue to educate ourselves and our staff with respect to food safety. Dr. P and her team have provided exceptional education, resources, and support to us. Their knowledge and expertise has been invaluable for our business. We highly recommend Dirigo Food Safety for both certification and coaching. It is well worth the investment.


Cattle Rancher and Entrepreneur

The leadership info...the reinforcement is key and has made a real difference.


QA Manager

The documents are all just there and so easy to use, we had a perfect first run.


Artisan Butcher and CEO

The Food Safety University videos are great stuff! Dr. P's array of experience really shows. The information is very comprehensible and includes relatable real world examples.