Dirigo Food Safety

Leading the way to safer food

Dirigo Food Safety is a full-service food safety consulting group based in Yarmouth, Maine. Our food safety consultants work with businesses of all sizes to ensure production of the safest food possible. Dirigo Food Safety’s goals are to help businesses grow, comply with regulations, and inspire consumer trust.


At Dirigo Food Safety, we offer fully-managed consulting and assurance services built around the framework of supplier and materials verification, ensuring clients are compliant with FSVP and FSMA. The key is our partnership with 3iVerify, a secure, collaborative cloud hosted food safety management system that allows us to automate, update, and manage all necessary compliance related information pertaining to your supply chain. This saves you time and minimizes the cost of compliance while keeping your products—and your business—safe.


  • Access to food safety experts for support
  • Automated supplier and material approvals
  • Easy document control process
  • Integrated corrective actions
  • Audit ready 24/7
  • Customizable templates for correspondence
  • Low cost monthly subscription