Dirigo Food Safety

Leading the way to safer food

Dirigo Food Safety is a full-service food safety consulting group based in Yarmouth, Maine. Our food safety consultants work with businesses of all sizes to ensure production of the safest food possible. Dirigo Food Safety’s goals are to help businesses grow, comply with regulations, and inspire consumer trust.

food safety documentation for restaurants

At Dirigo Food Safety, we’ve created reduced oxygen packaging (ROP) and sous vide food safety documentation designed specifically for restaurants to help ease the burden of food code compliance.

Using our HACCP plans with the corresponding standard operating procedures (SOPs) lets you use your Cryovac while staying compliant with local food code. And if training and implementation is a concern, we offer additional consulting services to help assist you with the process to ensure success. This means you can focus on the delicious foods you create instead of fearing an inspector’s visit that could result in lost product costing you time and money.  

Our options include:

  • SOPs plus 1 HACCP
    • Includes 30 minute review with Dirigo Food Safety: $547
  • SOPs plus 2 HACCPs
    • Includes 30 minute review with Dirigo Food Safety: $697
  • Comprehensive package
    • Full package of SOPs, 2 HACCPs, customization, and consultation: $797

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