Dirigo Food Safety

Leading the way to safer food

Dirigo Food Safety is a full-service food safety consulting group based in Yarmouth, Maine. Our food safety consultants work with businesses of all sizes to ensure production of the safest food possible. Dirigo Food Safety’s goals are to help businesses grow, comply with regulations, and inspire consumer trust.


Safe, delicious meats. You have the skills and a great source, but you need the space. Welcome to The Locker, a game changing innovation in small scale meat production. The Locker is a fully customizable modular meat production unit: an economic, efficient, cleanable and inspectable space to make small scale retail cuts and value added production.

  • Delivered fully assembled in a reconditioned 40’ x 8’ refrigerated container

  • Needs only access to potable water, electricity, and sewage

  • Designed with efficiency and GFSI food safety guidelines in mind

  • Comes with complete, USDA-compliant HACCP plans

  • Plus 3 months of consulting with Dirigo Food Safety

What’s in The Locker?

  • Refrigerated work space, a carcass rail system, tables for cutting, drop down desk, electric, water and sewage hookups, boot change area, and a production space with tables and outlets.

  • Customizable to include all of the above, plus: all equipment needed for value added meat production—combi oven, grinder, stuffer, cryovac, smoker, or your preferred charcuterie production equipment.


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