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We make food safety simple for all industries, from producers to suppliers, and everyone in between. We can help develop your food safety plan, review your current procedures, and provide auditing or training services. 

We offer full-service custom food safety consulting.

We specialize in:

Crisis Management

HACCP and SQF Compliance

Food Safety Training



We work with food businesses of all sizes to ensure production of the safest products possible. Our team, led by Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel, brings professionalism and more than a decade of expertise navigating the challenging landscape of food safety regulation.

We are available for site visits, phone consultation, food safety training classes, and more. We’ll work with you to determine the best course to meet your food safety needs.



Businesses evolve, and your food safety systems need to grow with you. If your SOPs haven’t been updated to reflect growth and change in your business, they may be out of date, putting your business out of compliance with regulations. Dirigo Food Safety can help you through difficult times, but our real goal is to make sure you never have them. We want to work with you to create food safety systems that not only solve immediate problems, but prevent any future ones. On our end, that means bringing our expertise to analyze, troubleshoot, and recraft your food safety strategy. On yours, it means teamwork, collaboration, and a willingness to change. Together, we can get you on the right track! 


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